Literature & Medallions  

You can purchase AA literature and tokens or medallions at a number of AA groups or at the Intergroup Office on Kenmount Road. If you drop by the office it's recommended you call first to make sure a member is there to meet you. Office hours are Mon-Fri from 2-6 PM.  

Please be patient while we work to add more literature and prices. 


AA Big Book 

The AA Big Book is considered our "basic text". Contains instructions on the 12 Steps and stories. 


Living Sober

A solid list of tools for anyone in early sobriety - or even oldtimers!


The 12 and 12

The "12 and 12" is a more detailed account of the 12 Steps and the 12 Traditions. 


Came to Believe

Step 2 as told by alcoholics for alcoholics. 


Daily Reflections

Daily meditations written by alcoholics for alcoholics.



Tokens and medallions to mark 24 hours right up to 50 years!