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AA Service Work at Intergroup

There are many ways you can help carry the message to the still suffering alcoholic. Here are just a few. Call or email the Intergroup Office to find out more. 

Answer the AA Phone Line

The AA Help Line is answered by AA members. If you want to help out (we hope you do) you can start by volunteering to answer the evening calls from 6-8 pm once a month. Calls are forwarded to your own phone!  Or, you can  volunteer to answer calls during daytime hours 2-6 pm at the Intergroup Office. You may want to sign up to be part of the After Hours phone service which answers calls outside office hours.  

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Help out with AA Meetings at Institutions

Intergroup helps carry the AA message to the Recovery Centre and to Her Majesty's Penitentiary. Think about signing up to help where people need it most. 


Help Carry AA to the Public and to Professionals 

Ever wonder who brings AA pamphlets to schools or doctor's offices or how the AA poster gets onto Metrobus? This committee does that kind of work! If this is for you (we think it is) consider signing up! 

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Conventions and Holiday Event Organization

Every year, Intergroup organizes and hosts AA Conventions as well as an annual Christmas celebration. If you want to help out with this kind of service, step up and get involved. Your help is needed. 

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