St. John's Intergroup is an AA service group that involves a partnership among groups in St. John's and area, just as an AA group is a partnership of individuals. Intergroup was established to carry out certain functions common to all St. John's area AA groups, functions which are best handled by a centralized group. Intergroup comes together to look after:


  1. The AA Phoneline and volunteers;

  2. Orderring AA Literature and keeping inventory in an accessible office space;

  3. Overseeing the work and budget of Public Information and Cooperation with the Professional Community Committees;

  4. Carrying the AA message to isolated members and communities;

  5. Maintaining and distributing the AA Meetings Schedule;

  6. Maintaining the AA Intergroup website;

  7. Responding to inquiries from members, groups, professionals and the general public;

  8. Organizing special events (ie. Conventions)


Intergroup is directed, supported, and financed by the St. John's area AA community in their general interest. Intergroup exists to aid groups in their primary purpose of carrying the message to the alcoholic who still suffers.


Intergroup meets every month on the last Wednesday of the month at 6:00 pm at Mary Queen of the World Church, Topsail Road, Mount Pearl. Chris P is the current Chairperson.  




AA doesn't employ professional counsellors or psychologists. When you phone an AA helpline you will be talking to an AA member, a volunteer who is an alcoholic and is using the AA program to recover and stay sober.


Meeting Info: (709) 579-6091
Help Line: (709) 579-5215
Toll Free Help Line: 1-888-579-5215

St. John's Intergroup 2002 Inc.
183 Kenmount Road, Suite 117
St. John's, NL