If you're concerned about your drinking we can help...

Calling the AA Phone-line

The AA Helpline at 709-579-5215 is answered all hours of every day of the year. AA volunteers answer calls at the office from Monday to Friday from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm and remotely evenings and weekends. As AA members we do our best to return your call as soon as possible and normally within 30 minutes to an hour.  Help is always available.

The AA 7th Tradition


If you can't attend AA meetings in person, you can still contribute to the 7th Tradition. You can email transfer to Intergroup at sjintergroup@nl.rogers.com. You can also give to District at district15nfld@gmail.com and Area at treasurer@area82aa.org. Remember, every AA Group ought to be self supporting, declining outside contributions. Give -  so more will live :)

Covid-19 Related Meeting Changes 


A number of meetings are either on hold or have moved to online until further notice. Please check the Local Meetings section and contact a group member to see if a meeting is live. 


If you plan to attend in person meetings, please make sure to bring your proof of vaccination, whether as an app or in print paper format. This is not a requirement at the Triangle Centre but IS a requirement at many churches and church halls. Details will be posted here as they develop.


In-person meetings are scheduled daily.  See the Local Meetings section for updates, as we get them. Online meetings will continue daily, for those who prefer attending via zoom. See the Local Meetings section for listings. 

AA meetings follow all Provincial Covid-19 health guidelines. Meeting rooms follow strict reduced capacity and social distancing guidelines, masks are kept on (if facilities require them) and chairs are arranged at 2 metre spaces.  When in place, all face-to-face meetings are required by provincial law to obtain participant's names and phone numbers for Covid-19 tracing purposes. Some meetings are only held online at this time but there are both face-to-face and online meetings daily.





St. John's Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous 

      Meeting Info and Fax: (709) 579-6091/Help Line: (709) 579-5215