The following groups or committees are open to AA members:



1. St. John's Intergroup of AA


Chairperson: Chris P.

Alternate Chair: Lenore C.

Treasurer: Don F.

Secretary: Dwayne L.

Alternate Secretary: John H.

Directors: Lisa C, Bev Ann R., Pat H.

Meets last Wednesday of each month at the Triangle Social Centre 51 Liverpool Ave at

6:00 pm

Attendance: Every AA Group Intergroup Representative and all interested AA members.




Articles of Association


2. AA District 15

DCM (District Committee Member): George S.

Meets first Sunday of every month

Triangle Social Centre 51 Liverpool Ave

6:00 pm

Attendance: Every AA Group GSR (General Service Representative) and all interested AA members.

Phone:  (709) 685 - 7752

Meeting Info:  (709) 330 - 5799

Toll Free Help Line:  1-888-579-5215




3. The AA Phone Line is run by volunteer AA members at the Intergroup Office on Kenmount Road. 


Day hours are coordinated by individual members. 

If you would like to volunteer, contact your Group or Intergroup Rep.



Secure login page for phone volunteers. HERE 


4. Public Information Committee 

(Cooperation with the Professional Community/Public Information and Institutions Committee, CPC/PI)

Chairperson: Lesley O.

Meets 2nd Tuesday of every month at the Intergroup Office in the UHaul Bldg at 183 Kenmount Road, Suite 117.

6:00 pm

Attendance: Committee members and any interested AA members



To potential volunteers who would like to become a Volunteer at Her Majesty's Penitentiary (H.M.P.) Here is a list of things to know for anyone who may fill out the applications. For more information contact the Intergroup Office for Blair L's email and phone number. Blair L. is the Coordinator of H.M.P. meetings for the Newfound Group.


1. The volunteer must be out of Her Majesty’s Penitentiary (H.M.P.) for TWO consecutive years 

2. Not to be on Parole or Probation for TWO consecutive years 

3. Have ONE Year of Continuous Sobriety 

4. For #'s 1 & 2 Susan Green (Addictions Coordinator at H.M.P.) stated that it can be flexible for those so it will be based on the individual being screened by H.M.P. and that 1 & 2 are not that set in stone.

5. The R.N.C. Application expense will be covered by H.M.P administration so the volunteer does not have to pay for it.

6. Once cleared the new Volunteer would be going into setting up the A. A. Meeting with a seasoned member to learn the ropes of setting up and conducting a meeting at H.M.P.

7. Printing the PDF Files will require Letter size paper for the H.M.P. Guidelines, H.M.P. Volunteer Application & Legal Paper Size is required for the RNC Application.

8. Once Application is filled out you can either drop it off to the Office Administration Building at 89 Forest Road or contact me Blair L. so we can meet and I can drop it off for you.

9. If and once cleared we will contact you and let you know the time slot of the meeting.


If AA members want to participate in the AA meetings at HMP, refer to these documents for eligibility and clearance:



Safety & Security Orientation (to be signed and returned to HMP c/o Heather Yetman) 

HMP Volunteer Application

HMP Guidelines

RNC Clearance Application page one

RNC Clearance Application page two


The mailing address for the HMP is: 

St. John’s Administration Office 

P.O. Box 5459 

St. John’s, NL 

A1C 5W4


5. Visitation Committee (New in 2015!)

Chairperson: Bert F.

This committee will visit AA members who cannot get to meetings.

For all interested AA members.